#Black And White Beauty


#BlackAndWhiteBeauty is a photography project in which a hundred women of various looks and ages took part.
The invited women represent a cross-section of feminine beauty that does not need a photo crew or retouching.
A young, Polish fashion photographer, Bastek Czernek is the initiator of the project and the author of the photos.
Popularity, occupation or number of followers is not important for self-acceptance. The crucial thing is to be yourself and never feel ashamed of your appearance. Different does not mean worse. Every woman deserves attention, respect and acceptance.
All participants of the project, side by side, build the woman power.

Photos taken as part of the #BlackAndWhiteBeauty project were donated to charity – we supported the OneDay foundation.

A lot of popular in Polish media and showbiz women joined in the project:
Barbara Kurdej-Szatan, Julia Kamińska, Davina Reeves-Ciara, Joanna Moro, Lara Gessler, Kamila Szczawińska, Ela Romanowska, Agnieszka Mrozińska, Maria Niklińska, Karina Kunkiewicz, Dorota Michałowska, Joanna Majstrak, Agnieszka Kawiorska, Katarzyna Dziurska, Sylwia Nowak, Magdalena Narożna, Pin Up Candy, Dorota Głowacka-Lesień, Lidia Kopania, Kasia Nova, Eliza Gwiazda and many other wonderful women.