Diploma thesis at the end of Krakow School of Art.

The work on this diploma project started already in 2013. At first there was an idea, then a gradual implementation. The author was aware that this project will be very heavy and time-consuming from the beginning, but thanks to his ambition he undertook this challenge. His intention was to make classic black and white photos, without computer effects, to show that they are not endowed with supernatural powers of superheroes, but normally working, nice people.

In photographs: Paprocki & Brzozowski, Łucja Wojtala, Dawid Woliński, Natasha Pavluchenko, Monika Nemeth & Kasia Stypulska, Gosia Baczyńska, Elena Ciuprina, Ania Protas, Pat Guzik, Bartek Witek.