Latino Vibes

This photoshoot is inspired by the culture of Mexico.

In the leading role, winner of Golden Lions for the acting debut of the 42nd Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia for the role of Ewa in the film “The Best”, dir. Łukasz Palkowski, Kamila Kamińska.

The idea for the session was born at the meeting of the photographer and actress Kamila Kamińska in the Mexican restaurant “El Popo”, where it was finally realized in the majority. Summer, colors and freshness are important in the project.

Kamila Kamińska:

“There are times when we think about what we would like to work on now, we will come up with even how it could look like, and then we meet a person who calls it everything before we can say anything else!” That was the case with me in my encounter with Bastek I dreamed of a session full of color, dynamic energy that will create a field for Otherness, something I have not done yet. Then came the proposal from Bastek. I’m laughing at myself – You say, you have! ”

During the session, they worked:

From the left: Klaudia Jóźwiak, Kamila Kamińska, Zuzanna Radzimirska, Bastek Czernek and Piotr Michalak